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The centrepiece of Australia’s largest city and an icon in its own right, the Sydney harbour provides an excellent setting for a range of boating adventures; from a tranquil afternoon spent fishing or hopping around the various islands, to enjoying yourself at a yacht party or competing in a yacht race! Whatever floats your boat in the harbour, all this waterway activity makes Sydney a great place to be a boat owner. But how about when you want to sell it? No problem – our expert boat brokers are waiting at the other end of the phone to help you today!


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Contact us today and take the worry and inconvenience out of selling your boat. Our experienced boat brokers in Sydney will either buy your boat outright or do their utmost to make a sale within the time frame and price range that you require. We take care of all paperwork and little details, including transfers, security checks, and settlements. We have years of experience and know exactly what to do.


Our process takes a lot of stress from your shoulders when selling your boat. Preparing for sale can involve a great deal of work. Cleaning, servicing, paperwork, advertising, and finding time to meet potential buyers can all be very time consuming. However, our team will take care of all that for you. Simply fill in our online form with important details such as the make and model, and we will contact you promptly. Once the details have been settled, one of our friendly and experienced staff will pick the boat up from your location and pay you cash on the spot.


Contact our boat brokers for the most stress-free way to sell your vessel. While boat auctions can sometimes deliver you a good price, they often end in disappointment. Having the price decided on the spot in this way is risky for the seller. Fortunately, we provide a more reliable method. Forget about boat auctions in Sydney – when you deal with us, we handle all the hard work while you kick back and wait for the cheque.

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