Wondering how to sell your boat? At We Buy Boats, we remove the uncertainties that can occur when selling your boat through methods such as auctions or self-advertising. Keep reading for more information on the process if you’re unsure about how to sell a boat.


Q: Why should I sell my vessel to We Buy Boats?

A: We Buy Boats takes the hassle out of selling your boat. We are a quality endorsed company made up of qualified brokers, ensuring accountability and professionalism. Our expertise ensures that we’ll give you the best and fairest market price for your vessel. Our process also minimises any difficulties involved for you in the transaction. Our uniformed staff will come to you, assess the value of your boat and pay you cash or bank cheque on the spot. We also take care of all the paperwork, transfers, security checks and settlements – including any debt that may be remaining. We’ll even transport the boat afterwards once the sale is complete. Your obligations start and finish with making the initial contact and we will do the rest.


Q: Do you sell on consignment as well?

A: Yes we do, so if you prefer to wait a bit longer to sell your boat, we can take care of this as well. Our network of brokers across the country, combined with our knowledge of the market, ensure that we’ll be able to connect you with exactly the right buyer.


Q: How long does it take to complete the sale?

A: From your initial enquiry, you can have cash or a bank cheque in your hands in as little as one hour.


Q: What if I owe money on my boat?

A: No need to worry – we will pay out any finance contracts and clear the debt, then pay you the balance outstanding on completion of the sale.


Q: What if my boat is not registered?


A: No problem – we will buy your boat “as is” and our purchases are final. This means you won’t be exposed to conditions such as finance approval or mechanical inspection – our money is guaranteed.


Q: What is the difference between We Buy Boats and other companies offering trade in values?


A: At We Buy Boats, we back our values with cash! We are a quality endorsed company that gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re not dealing with unscrupulous “back yard” operators. As a National Buying Group staffed by qualified brokers, we have the experience, knowledge and professionalism to offer you the best possible trade price for your boat.


Want to know more about how to sell a used boat? Call us today on 1300 306 972

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