Sporting the longest river in South East Queensland, it’s no wonder boating is such a popular pastime in Brisbane. People enjoy taking their boats out for a range of recreational purposes, including fishing, racing, and just being out on the water and sight-seeing along the river bank.


This means that when you want to sell your boat, there’s likely to be no shortage of buyers – but the process can be a pain. First of all, locating those buyers can be difficult, and even expensive in terms of advertising. Getting all your paperwork in order can also be costly. Plus, there’s the added problem of transporting your boat – after all, a water-going vessel is no small thing! Finally, if you opt to go the boat auction route, there are no guarantees that your boat will even sell, even after all that preparation and hard work.


Luckily, We Buy Boats has trusted boat brokers available in Brisbane who can take care of all these details for you. Instead of having to tow your boat across the city or elsewhere, we’ll come out to you to assess your boat. Once we’ve arrived at a price, we’ll pay you by cash or cheque. And we’ll even take the boat away for you when the deal is done – what could be easier?


Avoid Stressful Boat Auctions

Placing the fate of your sale in a boat auction is a great risk that can result in a weaker financial return – and in some instances no sale at all. We provide a reliable solution, helping you to get the best possible price with the greatest ease and convenience. In addition, our Brisbane brokers are trained and qualified and have specialist knowledge in their field, meaning we will provide you with a fair and honest price.


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While there are many boat brokers in Brisbane, there are few that match our quality. Clients can count on us to provide a dependable and professional standard of service – and we back our values with cash for your boat.


If you choose to sell your boat through us, all you need to do is fill in our convenient online form. We’ll then contact you to negotiate and agree on a price. To round out proceedings, we’ll come to you at a time and place of your choosing to complete the transaction. Forget about testing the waters of boat auctions in Brisbane – rely on us instead! Call today on 1300 306 972 to get started.

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