where can i sell my boat

When you’re looking to offload your vessel, you may find yourself asking “where can I sell my boat?” Not only can our qualified team of brokers make the selling process easy, but we can come to you to assess your boat, pay by cash or cheque, and also arrange to take it away with us when we leave, with no need for the annoyance or expense of pink slips or certificates. We have a network that covers the majority of the country, so if you and your boat live in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, ACT and South Australia, we can help you to sell your boat today!


We Serve Locations Throughout Australia

Our team has bought runabouts from Dubbo, bowriders from Horsham, and cabin cruisers from Sydney. We’ve trekked up and down the country and racked up many points on our odometers to take people’s boats off their hands and pay good money in return. Why deal with time-consuming auctions and private sales that fall through when we can provide you with a quick, easy, and reliable service that you don’t even have to leave your house or marina to receive?

A Professional Team

Our team has worked across the entire Eastern side of Australia. We’ve facilitated deals with many happy customers that wish to sell for a variety of reasons. We understand that different people have different needs, so we adapt our service to suit the individual. If you want to sell your boat in a hurry, we will act quickly. If you’re happy to wait around and find the right buyer, we can do this too with our boat consignment service. Simply speak to our team and we will handle the process exactly as you want it.


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The next time somebody asks “where can I sell my boat?”, simply send them our way for the finest service and fairest, most expedient boat sale. If you’re asking the question yourself, you’ve found the answer! Fill out our contact form on the right or give us a call today.

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