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Have you been wondering ‘where can I sell my used boat?’ Our company makes selling a boat both quick and easy, taking the hassle away from the seller and putting cash in your pocket. Whether it’s a small run about, a 24-foot game vessel, or anything in between, we will give you the best price for your vessel. As specialists in selling used boats, we have up-to-date knowledge on the current market prices and will be able to make the most accurate and fair assessment. We also take care of every step along the way, ensuring that once you’ve gotten in touch with us, you won’t have to do anything else!


The Process of Selling Used Boats

If you’ve decided that it’s time to sell your boat, we’ve streamlined our process to provide you with the greatest convenience. There’s no need for expensive certificates or pink slips; we can even take care of any debt that’s remaining on the boat and provide payment for the remaining value.


The first step you need to take to sell your boat is to enter your vessel details and contact information into our online form, located to the right of this page. We will soon be in contact with you to begin the assessment and sale process. This won’t involve you having to travel or transport your boat anywhere – instead, we will visit you at your residence or workplace to assess your vessel and complete the sale at a time that is convenient to you. Then, we will arrange for transport of the boat from the premises, leaving you with nothing to worry about except what to do with the cash in your pocket!


Brokers You Can Trust

Having worked in the industry for many years, we have dealt with and seen our share of dodgy operations. We know the high standard of quality service that you require when selling a boat and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are transacting with dealers who are licensed and reliable, especially when dealing with large sums of money. We are proud of our status as a quality endorsed company (ISO 9001) – so when you sell your boats to us, you can trust our experienced and friendly team to deliver a trouble-free and honest service.


We’re the experts in selling used boats – call us today on 1300 306 972.

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