If you’re considering selling, then you will have no doubt considered the idea of a boat auction. This is a popular choice for many and is a common way to sell your boat. We provide a friendly and professional alternative that takes away the stress and the unknown that can be associated with an auction.


The Disadvantages of Boat Auctions

When you choose to go down the path of a boat auction, there is no guarantee that a sale will even be made. As the market value is decided right there on the spot, your risk increases as everything becomes dependent on who shows up. If you can’t match or beat your asking price, then you may have wasted your time and prolonged the selling process. Who needs those headaches?


Preparing for an auction also often includes extra costs – such as marketing and advertising – that make the process even more expensive. This all comes out of your own pocket, and the potential for you to lose money on a sale will only increase.


The We Buy Boats Solution

At We Buy Boats, we’ve designed our services to remove all the stress from selling your boat, making the process as easy as possible. You won’t have to transport your vessel to the auction house only to possibly have to tow it back home again if it doesn’t sell, nor will you have to pay the costs of advertising or even certification for the boat.


Instead, our qualified boat brokers will come to your home or workplace – wherever your boat is stored – and assess it right there and then. We pay you in cash or cheque – we will even take care of any debt remaining on the boat and pay you the difference, removing the hassle of having to sort it out yourself. Once the transaction is completed, we’ll remove the boat for you, transporting it ourselves to its new location. When you compare the two processes, there’s no contest!


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There are so many hassles associated with trying to offload your vessel at a boat auction or through other methods, but fortunately we can provide a better solution. By contacting us, you can eliminate all the above problems and get the price you deserve. Avoid a boat auction and call us today on 1300 306 972.

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